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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit using live music to support outdoor spaces.



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Park partners in Tennessee

Park partners in Tennessee

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Bledsoe Creek state park


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Park Partners

Bledsoe Creek State Park

“It has been quite some time since we have had live music in the park. When Anna made contact and explained her goal of promoting parks and bringing folks together with her Playing in the Parks concept it seemed like something visitors would really enjoy. Sure enough, Anna turned out great social media adverts and brought musical acts to the park that people flocked to come and see. The donations generated for the park were just icing on the cake. Overall it was a huge success and we would love to have Anna back in the future.”

      – Chris Thurman, Park Manager (Bledsoe Creek)

Our Mission:

Playing in the Parks' mission is to use musical activities as a conduit to raise awareness and support for public outdoor spaces. Playing in the Parks creates music-related park interaction opportunities connecting the general public with nature for generations to come.


What started it all...

What started as President Anna Bateman's senior honors project at Belmont University, quickly turned into a passion project combining her two favorite things: music and nature... And it turned out that other people loved those two things, too.

Parks and outdoor spaces give visitors an outlet - an escape - into wild places. Playing in the Parks is a way to give back to the facilitators of those outdoor memories and assist in creating new outdoor experiences for generations to come. By combining live music's ability to bring people together with the beauty of natural spaces, Playing in the Parks is the perfect way to play outside.

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